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Argumentative Essay: Pro-Choice Abortion Reasons

Argumentative Essay: Pro-Choice Abortion Reasons

admin September 23, 2019

Pro choice abortion arguments

Sometimes it hurts that people are governed by the terms and trying to cover up the thinly veiled words what is called murder. Yes, because otherwise abortion will not name. Trying to justify himself in circumstances, hopelessness, poor financial situation. But all this is just excuses. Everyone should know that from the moment of conception, the child is alive and wants to be born. You can find a ton of information in the essays on abortion. Pros and cons are needed to weighted to make right decision that suited better for your mindset.

The term physicians “embryo”, which they call children, it’s just the ability to stay away from problems and not take responsibility for the infanticide. The surprising thing is that in the modern world women still have not learned to appreciate their health and life. It is no secret that cases of infertility after abortion to happen now. This irreversible process does not bother most women, most importantly for them to get rid of unwanted pregnancy. At this point, nobody thinks about the child.

There are two kinds of abortion, mini-abortion (regulation) is carried out before twelve weeks, and the abortion can be done up to twenty-four weeks. None of these methods are humane as killing can not be.

Mini abortion small terms is considered less painful and does not entail serious consequences. These are the pros of abortion. But this view is mistaken. Any interference in the natural process can lead to serious complications. Can open or bleeding fragments remain, leading to inflammatory processes, and for women it could end very badly. The process involves the sucking of the child from the uterus with a special tool, and then, if you still find the remains, scrape.

Arguments in favor of abortion

How much was a film about abortion, with micro cameras, and the film clearly shows that the fruit resists the action of the doctors, he is trying to hide and curl up in a ball. Wait, nowhere, because the native people, mother, betrayed. But how can such a little life to resist.

Abortion at later terms is a crime that should be prohibited by law. In fact living child torn to pieces and removed as something extra and unnecessary. These babies, fully formed and ready to overcome difficulties. At the time when the parents are fighting for the life of the same is a premature baby.

Others simply kill. The consequences after a late abortion is horrible. Infertility, inflammation, which may lead to infectious processes. Physical condition is not the worst. How hard it is to live with a child under the heart of quite a large amount of time, he already feels and knows your voice. Hormonal changes in the body is already happening, mood swings, desires change every minute. And in an instant nothing. The body prepared for nurturing a baby, childbirth and breastfeeding. And abruptly everything changes. Emptiness not only within, but in the soul. Most women know what killed her child, only after an abortion. But it’s too late. Persuasive speech on abortion pro choice already gave us a science.

Doctors conducted an experiment, before treatment, showed that same video on abortion, and at least half of the pregnant women refused surgery. What does it mean? It only proves that we don’t know or don’t want to know the whole truth. Unawareness of his actions, trying to protect itself from the horrible reality, continuing to kill people’s kids. You must realize that “fetus”, “embryo”, is not something distant and unfamiliar. This is a child who lives under the heart. There are a many research papers on abortion pro choice written by famous doctors. Just try to find them on the Internet and help yourself.

Such films should be shown to teenagers in order to get them to think before making a mistake. And maybe then they will begin to make the right decisions, it is better to be safe than to be subjected to such torment little life, which certainly does not deserve such treatment. Thus, preserving your health for the future of the family and for the birth of unwanted children.