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Analysis Essay: Things Fall Apart

Analysis Essay: Things Fall Apart

admin September 23, 2019

One of these discoveries is the modern literature of the African continent, more accurately, literature in English, French, Portuguese, languages Aahus, Yoruba, Hausa and others with whom we are only beginning to get acquainted. As the development and improvement of African literature deeper, grow into global culture, becoming its component as an integral part. These literature stand from the depths of the being of the peoples of Africa all that is the originality of them historical, and spiritual experience. African literature in the majority. its back. Not happened their development in different countries and regions of the continent, comparable, in General, occurs in different ways, depending on the specific socio-historical situation subject to the internal logic the literary process, logic, and sometimes paradoxical. Our essay on “Things Fall Apart”.

Reviews so, the facts: the most widely read and translated today book of the African writer, Booker prize 2007 (the first published novel in 1958). I learned about this product from the list of “100 best books of all time” (Yes, the application is alarming and scares), compiled as much of the Norwegian book club in collaboration with the Institute of Nobel.

The list is organized alphabetically, so the affair Chinua Achebe in it between Andersen’s fairy tales and “Father Goriot online” Balzac. To be honest, fell for the exotic: a bold title, and even African literature. Google says that in some countries this book is recommended reading for students. A small novel written in English.

Themes for “Things Fall Apart”

The original name sounds like “Things Fall Apart”. Tells of the collision of two worlds – African and indigenous world of the white man, the colonizer. The main feature of this piece for me is brevity. The author cheerfully works as the Occam’s razor, cutting out unnecessary words, details and images. As a consequence, easy to read, the book in action (or less action). Some of the details of traditional life and the social order, but as much as you need. No fine metaphors, similes, no clutter of words. Understood the text easier other articles from “Around the world”. The plot is quite unsophisticated, I will not retell.

Symbols in “Things Fall Apart”

The Nigerian writer talks about the life of tribal a brave warrior who is unable to adapt to the new time and life in a changing colonial society.

The main character is a man occupying a prominent place in traditional society. He was stern, but not devoid of humanity, although many of the laws of his world undoubtedly seems to us wild. An ambiguous figure is something repellent, something called empathy. Perhaps this is the value of the novel – the author quite cleverly managed to show the life of African villages before the arrival of the British.

Religion in “Things Fall Apart”

On the one hand, the undeniable cruelty (from the point of view of our moral), on the other – all the same concepts of duty, responsibility, even feelings (though very stingy). There a lot of conflicts in “Things Fall Apart” because of religion. I was interested in another point: the identity of culture, how people see it from the inside and look at it from the outside, through the eyes of aliens, it is alien to African traditions.

That is arriving to us from Mars, it is likely that for him, our morality, concepts of good and evil, and other absolute and indisputable to us things would have seemed an absurdity and a nonsense. So, is it worth it to read. It is clear that this is only my personal opinion and recommendation based on my perception.

A masterpiece this book is not called, in my personal list of the 100 best books of the world, it would hardly have entered. But due to its small volume, ease of reading, cognition, and also due to the fact that the novel makes us think about interesting things, the attention he deserves.